Making tools

I am a man on a mission and that mission is to build a tree house.  Tree houses are important, especially if you are a small person.  It’s your own space.  It puts you high up so you can look down on the world, and that makes a big change if you’re not even four feet tall.

The treehouse is already underway.  It’s perched between three ash trees.  The idea was to use the trees for support without damaging them.   The main joists are balanced through the crooks in the branches or hung around them and so far only two bolts have actually gone into the wood.  Only one live branch has been taken down.  The others that I decided to lop off  were not growing.

I’ve used retired scaffold planks for the platform to reduce the amount of new timber being used.

The next stage will be to make the roof.  I have decided to cover it with shingles – wooden tiles.  They’re not all that cheap to buy so I thought I’d make some.  That requires a few tools.  I didn’t want to simply splurge on tools so I’ve decided to start small.  The first thing I needed was a froe.  A froe is for splitting wood.  I had to make a handle for it so I sppent an hour this morning looking for a suitable piece of ash and another hour shaping and fitting it.

Then I need a mallet.  The froe blade was £28.00 second hand from eBay – not cheap but less than buying one new, so rather than buy a mallet I decided to make one.

It’s not very difficult.  You just need to select a log and saw and carve and sand and there you are.  Splendid.

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One Response to Making tools

  1. Perce says:

    What splendid tools! And a wonderful looking tree-house. I love the pic of your father’s house – the very essence of the Weald. Keep up the good work.


    PS. I have been making a hurdle these last two winters. Very slow progress due to only a single hazel in my garden and the curtailed nature of my leisure time. But it’s about a foot high and maybe five wide.

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