The Shaving Horse – phase 1

I went down to the woodshed this morning to look for a plank, roughly 6″ by 2″ by 52″ish to form the main part of the shaving horse.  The plans are from the interweb.

There were a couple of contenders but they were old pieces of oak.  I’m a bit reverential about the oak my father stashed away, much of it 40 years ago.  I don’t like the thought of using it for anything that’s not really really important.

So I went to look for a log and found one lying in the field.  It was a bit long and I had to put it on the wheelbarrow and get my father to hold it while I trundled it up to the house.  Then I grabbed a bow saw, cut it to length and set about slpitting it down it’s length.

That was far easier than I expected.  I only had to use a lump hammer to bash the axe head into a crack in one end of the log and it opened right up.  A few knocks on a second axe inserted into the crack and it came apart.  The only trouble was that it had a slight twist on it.

Now I’d like you think that I simply finished it off with the very lovely and very sharp draw-knife I’ve borrowed, but reader I’d be lying to you.  Rather I whipped out the planer I acquired from eBay for £15 and went to work.

That, friends, is a veteran Latvian planer made by Rebir.  It’s the kind of planer that had the armies of the Warsaw Pact been ordered to invade Western Europe would have carried Soviet troops across the border into Germany.  It’s not pretty, it’s not elegant, it may well withstand a direct hit from pretty much everything but a small child armed with a very sticky lolipop and it does have some bad nicks in the blade, but it made short work of that log.

So next the legs.  Stay tuned.

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