Shaving Horse – Phase 2

The next thing of course is the legs.  My dear, occasionally rather pessimistic father assured me it would come out all wonky – and so it did, to start with.

I drilled four holes at an angle of about 22.5 degrees to the vertical (very approximately) about six inches from the end and at an angle of about 22.5 degrees again off the line of the beam – so slightly flared out.

Now 22.5 degrees off the vertical is rather more upright that I’d thought and one hole really didn’t work too well and I had one leg sticking out to the side like a drunk at a dance.  I had to redrill that hole.  I used a 38mm spade bit.  It made a real difference running a whet stone over the spade bit to put an edge back on its cutting blades.

The legs were again pieces of felled timber found lying about – branches in this case – a couple of ash and a couple of silver birch.  I shaped them to fit the holes using the draw knife and a vice.  If the holes are more or less at the right angle and the legs of a similar length then any adjustment needed should be just a matter of banging legs that are too long in with a mallet.

Next job of course is to trim off the bits sticking out.

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