The View From Here

The best thing about building a treehouse is that it gives me time to do and not think.

I saw a film a while ago that scared the Bejeezus out of me.  It was called Wall-E and its terifying vision of the future, of overwight people floating around on antigrav recliners, so busy staring at their screens that they were oblivious to anyone else was chilling.  I found it particularly so because I spend days staring at a bloomin’ screen.  It’s not the screen, it’s me.  But it’s probably not just me.  The damned things have a hypnotic power over some of us.  I’ve just discovered Twitter.  Having given up Facebook it’s another unwelcome distraction.

The treehouse is a perfect antidote to digital life.  It is 100% analogue.

This is the latest section I’ve completed.  The design was inspired by my friend Servan.  He climbed up into the unfinished treehouse and bemoaned the fact I plan to enclose the space.  Aside from being a serious tech thinker he’s also deeply into meditation and Qigong.  I got the feeling he was thinking what a great place it would be to practice.

So I’m going to keep it light and airy.  Of the eight squares five are going to be glazed; two in the top row, one in the centre and two in the bottom row so you catch glimpses of the tree at all angles.  The same with the wall opposite (yet to be completed.


And let us not forget the threat from pirates.  You have to be able to see them coming.

Meanwhile the shingle making has been coming on apace.  I’ve done a rough calculation and the two great logs I bought aren’t going to do even half of the roof.  This is turning into a tree folly, but in the most splendid way possible.


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