Our Daily Bread: Programme Schedule

Next week (May 21st-25th at 13.45 each day) BBC Radio 4 will delve into a fascinating but neglected realm in ‘Our Daily Bread’.

With episodes about bread in history, faith, culture, its role in heath and human relationships the series takes a universal facet of our lives and explores its deeper meaning.

A Half-Baked History of the World in Seven Loaves (Monday May 21st) is a headlong rush through 25,000 years of human development using seven loaves (and a crumb) as markers on the way.

In Bread Kills! (Tuesday May 22nd) we find that the daily loaf was a major hazard for Ancient Egyptians, uncover ground-breaking research that may explain why mediaeval visions of hell were so very, well…mediaeval and the food industry goes bread to bread with slow food campaigners over whether our modern loaf is good for us or not.

The Bread of Life (Wednesday May 23rd) stages an interfaith baking session during which a Church of England Bishop, a Rabbi and an Imam talk about the meaning of bread in their respective faiths while producing loaves to take back to their congregations.

In The Bread of Nations (Thursday May 24th) the programmes travels from Paris to Cologne to Krakow using bread as a window into the soul of three very different European cultures to offer some intriguing insights.

And in ‘Companionship’ (Friday May 25th) we hear from a couple who made new friends through starting a bread club, from mental health groups about the healing power of baking and from a ‘bread church’ that swapped Sunday worship for a very different form of communion – a twice weekly bake-in.

‘Our Daily Bread’ is the latest production from the award winning radio programme makers Falling Tree and executive producer Alan Hall.

Oh yes, and it’s written, produced and presented by me…  Just be grateful it’s not telly.

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