Simple Pleasures

Sometimes I wonder why we insist on working so hard in the kitchen when perhaps we should let nature do the hard work for us.

There are few things that beat stepping out into the garden, gathering up a few things and cooking them very simply.

So here is dinner.  Local asparagus, steamed; new potatoes dug just an hour earlier; an egg from one of our hens and a slice of sourdough made that morning.  A little butter, a couple of turns of the pepper grinder and there you are.

I can’t imagine a restaurant serving something like this.  They’d feel they somehow hadn’t earned their keep.  It would have to be more fiddled about with, more elaborate.  So I just content myself with the thought that it’s the sort of food you can throw together at home in 20 minutes with minimal effort, a culinary hug at the end of the day.

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