Hot News from the Treetops

Bang, bang!  Crash, crash!  Ow! *&%$£!  All things treehousey proceed slowly but surely and in the right direction.One of the problems with getting it done is that when I’m up in the treehouse quite often I’d rather just stand and think and look out at the trees and just enjoy being there.  I hate to think what it’ll be like when it’s finished and I get a desk and chair up there (don’t tell Luca…)

But at least it looks like being finished this side of winter.  I’ve had a three week battle with the people from who I bought some polycarbonate sheeting out of which I’m going to cut the glazing for the windows.

They initially sent stuff that wasn’t suitable for outside use (not what was advertised on their website).  When after two weeks and a dozen calls they sent the replacement stuff it was the required thickness but still not exterior grade.  Then at the third attempt they got the right grade of polycarbonate but the sheeting was the wrong thickness.  Finally. today, it appears they sent the right stuff – though I haven’t been there to check it in person.  What a palaver.

But at least it’s here and I’ve now done most of the tricky exterior jobs.  I’ve promised Luca I’ll have the doors done by the time he gets back from Malaysia at the end of August – and he’ll get to choose the colour of paint for them!


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