Treehouse Frenzy

This was my lovely mallet when I started making shakes for the treehouse.

And this is it now.

There have been a few casualties in the process of making the treehouse.  A notable one has been my left hand – my right has remained largely unscathed so far – which has been belted with a hammer more than once ((I swore loudly) and has sustained more cuts, scratches and bruises than I care to remember.

However few things have suffered more than my mallet.  It has helped me make something like a thousand or perhaps even twelve hundred oak shakes.  I had to make the last few using a lump hammer.  It wasn’t the same.  I’d hope we’d finish the journey together before I laid it to rest.  But sadly it fell at the last.  So, for the record, ash is OK for a mallet but oak would be better and an oak mallet finished with leather peerless.

Since the last post about the treehouse I’ve been hard at it, taking advantage of Luca’s absence and lately of the good weather, to get things done before the winter puts a stop to outside activity.

My shakes have steadily gotten better and the outside is slowly but surely getting there.  I spent a day last week up a ladder putting some of the last ones on under the gable.  I’ll post some more pictures next week.

I’ve also been busy on the inside.  I bought a pile of tongue and groove, which is very easy to put up and have all but lined the interior.

I’m not an unalloyed fan of T&G.  I remember staying in a B&B in a wood outside Tarbert in Argyll once. It was run by a very nice couple but my overwhelming memory was of feeling like I was staying in a cigar box.  Every inch of the walls and ceiling were covered in varnished tongue and groove and the effect was just a little oppressive.

However I hope the effect in the treehouse is rather less overwhelming.  One things I haven’t yet decided is how to finish the ceiling.  I suspect it’ll be lined with thin ply.

I’m not sure whether it should be painted white or whether it would look nice with a sky and stencilled leaves design.  It’s one of those things that I won’t be able to tell until I’ve tried it.

However one thing that I do have a fairly clear idea about is the doors.  I’ve been building those with help from my neighbour Matt who has an amazing whizzy gadget called a domino joiner.  It’s a router that cuts very precise holes for a loose (or if needed not so loose) tenon.

I took Luca to a big DIY warehouse to choose the paint, and just as I expected he chose the brightest, jolliest shade of red that he could find.  Next week the doors go on.  That’ll be a treehouse landmark.

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