Luca Is Six

IMG_1924It’s slightly frightening the speed at which Luca’s birthday comes around.

As they get older people remark endlessly about the changing way they percieve time.  Experientially I’ve seen it suggested that if we live to 75 we’ve supposedly subjectively reached the half way mark by 25.

Despite knowing this I wasn’t wholly prepared for the feelings of what I have to confess is jealousy when I see Luca growing up.

There’s an intensity of experience, a sense of wonder as each and every new thing is discovered, tremendous excitement and days that seem to stretch out for ever that only the very young seem to get to enjoy.

I’m quite interested in the suggestion that meditation can reset out experience of time.  I’ve three wellbeing related resolutions this year; firstly to continue my intermittent fasting (and probably cut out sugar for Lent as well), secondly to do at least 30 minutes intense exercise per week and lastly to meditate at least four times per week.

IMG_1923But enough of that.  Today is Luca’s day.  I really enjoy making him things and once again I spent quite some time making him a birthday card.  It’s becoming a yearly ritual.  He wanted something on the theme of castles this time round and that is what he got.

IMG_1897I also had some fun customising some IKEA boxes for him.  A few of their Moppe mini chests of drawers glued and screwed together make a nice storage unit.  It helps to have a few clamps and I borrowed some from my very kind neighbour Matt.  Use some wood dye and personalise the boxes a bit and you could almost forget how awful IKEA is.

Drink the wood dye and you could probably forget entirely but I don’t recommend that.

More importantly I like getting craft things for Luca because however whizzy the toys he gets are they rarely compete with pens and sticky tape and paper for entertainment value.  He can spend hour upon hour cutting and glueing and colouring.

IMG_1907He wants to be an inventor one day – well actually an inventor/doctor/chef (and possibly cricketer as well).  Perhaps he’ll be a healthy person’s Heston Blumenthal.  Perhaps not, but whatever he does end up being, even if it’s just a happy, well adjusted adult, it’s going to be even more fun watching him get there.

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