The World Anew

January frostSeven or eight years ago I spent a few weeks in Pakistan and India.  We travelled there, first and foremost, so we could attend two friends’ wedding in Lahore.

There was something about the intensity of the experience that made time stretch out.  It felt more like three months than just over three weeks.

Conversely when we’re surrounded by the familiar we tend to look through it rather than really see it.  That’s why when we talk about seeing things in a new light it has a concrete meaning as well as  an abstract one – simply seeing the sunlight play on a landscape in a new way allows us to see it once again as if for the first time.

The recent frosts have the same effect.  They make the familiar at once unfamiliar again and heighten our appreciation.  I’m sure the snow that’s due tomorrow will do the same.  The pleasure of seeing our world anew generally lasts about two days before everyone has had enough.

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