The Golden Hour


Photographers and cameramen love dawn light.  The hour around dawn is often referred to as ‘the golden hour’, similarly the hour around sunset.   However of the two I tend to find dawn more powerful.  Partly this is because, these days, we often miss dawn being fast in our beds, behind drawn curtains.  So the dawn light catches the landscape in a way that is both magical and unfamiliar.

When I was reporting in South East Asia I’d often get up to shoot at dawn as with the opening shots of this video (the screen goes to black so that London could drop in library footage of the 2002 Bali Bombings).

The thing with dawn and evening skies is that when you see them you need your camera in your hand.  Take five minutes to dig out your kit and the chances are that the mesmerising sunset will have faded and you capture something rather more pedestrian than you originally saw.  Every minute counts.


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2 Responses to The Golden Hour

  1. Great photo…..and you’re so right about sunrise…..must capture more of them this year 🙂

  2. Andy lancaster. says:

    Lovely pictures. There is a tranquility about both ends of the day, that I often miss. But there are also colours, smells and atmospheres at these time too. Thanks , Andy.

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