Listen Again: Our Daily Bread

This is something I’ve been meaning to do for ages – make last year’s Radio 4 series available for anyone who wants to listen again.

So if you missed it here you are; all five episodes of ‘Our Daily Bread’.

With hindsight Episode One, A Half Baked History of the World in Seven Loaves was, perhaps, a little manic.  However trying to squeeze several thousand years of history into 13 minutes is something of a tall order.


Episode Two, ‘Bread Kills’ was perhaps the most problematic editorially but I thought it was fascinating to discover just what an important bellweather bread is where health is concerned.

Episode Three ‘The Bread of Life’ was one I really enjoyed making.  In some ways it was very simple.  Once I’d managed to persuade a rabbi, a bishop and an imam to bake and break bread together it was just a case of getting them all in a bakery and pushing the record button.

However the montage at the end required three separate trips up from The Weald to Maidenhead, to Eton and to Kidlington; several hundred miles driving for about 60 odd seconds of audio.

I particularly enjoyed joining Jonathan Romain at Maidenhead Synagogue. I’d never been to a synagogue before but it was such a warm, welcoming and familial event that just thinking about it makes me smile.

Episode Four, The Bread of Nations, was a great excuse to travel and the morning I spend wit Steve Kaplan has to be the stand out from the series, just in terms of sheer fun. And that morning had some pretty stiff competition; hanging out with Mary Ann Ochota at Silchester, with John Letts in his fields of historic wheat (and down the pub more than once), with Tom Baker in Birmingham, Ian Hu in Liverpool, meeting Louise in Wheatley (still think you’re a star Louise) and lots of occasions with Dan Schickentanz.  It had a fine time.

And lastly, what remains my favourite, Episode Five, Companionship.

I hope you enjoy listening to them.

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