Many Views From Here

When I was in South East Asia I missed the changing of the seasons. The undying equatorial summer somehow allows time to slip by unmarked. Each day is much the same. One year becomes another. The seasons give us wayposts on our journey through.

Jan dawn panoramaI like the idea of photographing the same scene over and over at different times of year. I was quite taken by Mark Hirsch’s project ‘That Tree’, a collection of iPhone photographs of a burr oak taken every day for a year.

dawn march 14

I haven’t photographed this scene every day. Far from it. When it’s grey and dull I can’t say I feel particularly inspired. However I do look out at it all the time and when it’s particularly evocative I point my camera at it. I think the thing that I enjoy most is the way that light plays on the landscape.

dawn 26 marchThese are all panoramas; series of stills stitched together using Microsoft’s own panorama editing software included in Windows live photo gallery. It’s the best of those I’ve tried so far.

Dawn spring aprilSo now we’re in June. Perhaps I’ll post another set for high summer and autumn. Let me know if you enjoy these.

sunset june 8

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4 Responses to Many Views From Here

  1. Nice idea to shoot the same scene in varying seasons. Liking the fog shot the most!

  2. ANdy. says:

    Great idea, look forward to future posts. David Hockney has a few views of a line of trees on a main road into Bridlington which he took in four seasons. It is very interesting, and I suspect that the photos you have will look like a very different place in each season.
    Cheers, Andy.

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