A Sussex Year

sunset july 10 2Profound apologies. It’s been months since I blogged.

sunset 2 july 25What happened? Well I’ve been writing. Not only did I finish rewriting Ozymandius but, despite vowing to take a break, I had the opening lines of the next novel pop into my head and I couldn’t not write them down. And once you start…

stormy eveningAnd as if that weren’t enough I now have three publishers interested in my children’s book and that necessitates tweaks and rewites and all that.

dawn sept 9 2So I really haven’t been able to justify the time and energy that my blog demands.

September 21 earlyHowever to make up for it here is the second part of the photography project I took on for the year.

dawn sept 22Twelve months ago I decided I’d shoot the views that dominate my life and record them through the seasons.

Sunset OctoberThe first six months worth can be found here. These are from July to December.

sunset post rain novIt’s sad there was no snow. (You no snow Jon nothing).

dawn 6 NovAnd, yes Padraig, I should have cleaned my camera sensor.

dawn Nov 24 2The truth is that I’ve had that Canon 350D for almost ten years and while it was a perfectly servicable DSLR for a keen amateur back then, these days it’s due replacing.

dawn dec 9 3Perhaps I’ll give it to Luca.

dawn dec 30 3So what have I learned this year? Well, I learned a lot about love. I learned a lot about myself. I’ve learned that I can drink a remarkable amount of good whisky and feel none the worse for it. I learned I really enjoy going to the theatre. I learned that there’s an awful lot a seven year old can teach you.

And knowing what I’ve learned I hope that 2015 is going to be truly wonderful. So endless thanks and profound love to all those who have shared my life this year.

dawn dec 30 2

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One Response to A Sussex Year

  1. Andy says:

    Welcome back, I have missed your blog! Thanks for the lovely phootgraps. Nice to see how the seasons and the light condtyions change the landscape.
    Are your books science fiction?
    Happy New Year , I hope its truly great one for you.
    God bless, Andy.

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