Losing the Last 3kg All Over Again

Feb15Back on August I wrote about my attempt to lose two or three kilos during a healthy September. I didn’t write about the results.
In short they were pretty good.
When I started my healthy September I weighed around 72.5-73.5kg. At one point during September that had dropped to around 71kg. Obviously weight fluctuates but that certainly suggested I shed a kilo or two.
However at the start of my healthy month I had a half hour stint with Olli, one of the trainers at my local gym. He suggested that aiming any lower than 71kg was probably unhelpful. He pointed out that during the month I could expect to lose fat and put on muscle and muscle weighs more than fat.
My gym routine basically consisted of a couple of circuits using a rowing machine, kettlebell and four weights machines for upper body muscles with a two to three minutes plank on the first circuit. During September I went to the gym four or five times a week and did two circuits each time taking about 20 minutes on each. If I went on a fasting day I’d just do one.
At the end of the month I measured my body fat using the special scales at the gym. I’d been aiming (and expecting to fall short of 15%). I managed 12.9%.
Oddly that was a bit undermining. I no longer had a goal and my gym routine didn’t translate well into one I could do at home and I didn’t make the transition back to my old home routine well.
Christmas also took its toll. Lots of lovely people gave me lots of lovely chocolate.
As the plan was to have a healthy month every fourth month January was earmarked. In the event I started mid month.
It took me about two and a half weeks to get back to my end-of-September condition. I upped the circuit count to three and decided not to exercise on fasting days at all as it would allow my muscles to repair themselves. I’ve got a week left – 4-5 trips to the gym. I haven’t weighed myself at all. I’ve been to a wedding dinner. I’ve had the odd glass of red wine but no sugar. And, yes, I did get up to Billingsgate again and bought fish. Overall my diet the last three-and-a-bit weeks has been really good – though not totally free of pasta.
The recipe isn’t really complicated; good, home-cooked food, reasonable exercise and avoiding sugar and being in reasonably healthy shape isn’t an unattainable goal.

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