Valentine’s Schmalentines

No one I know seems to like Valentine’s Day. I can understand that in so far as it has become yet another excuse for a commercial binge. The underlying message seems to be; ‘if you don’t spend money then it isn’t love’.

I find it hard to be cynical. But equally I refuse to see love in cash terms. The real leveller is time. Rich or poor you only have so much time on this earth and the giving of yours to those you care about seems to me to be the gesture that really counts.

So I wrote a poem for Valentine’s. It’s not about anyone, though it was written for those I care about; an expression of appreciation. It’s just playing with an idea, one expression of love amongst countless billions; but I liked it.

I love you, he said,

More fiercely than the all-consuming fire

At the raging heart of a star

Its flames neither burn nor diminish me

I shall bask in its warmth

And, in its light, shine all the more brightly


I love you, she said,

More deeply than the fathomless ocean.

The weight of the world’s water

Does not, cannot, crush my love

But carries it on its every current

To the last corners of creation


I love you, he said,

More wildly than the wildest wind

That holds the trees in its arms

And leads them in a dance

That takes every breath away

Yet breathes life into all it touches


I love you, she said,

More steadfast than the tallest mountain

More life-full than the fertile soils

On which long-vanished Babylon flowered

It nurtures me that I may nurture you

And together we may grow.


I love you, he said,

Further than the naked heart can see,

More vast than the universe,

To infinity plus one

A love so great it can exist only in the mind of god

It knows no limits and no end


I love you, she said,

In all the smallest things,

My molecular desire is bound by unbreakable bonds

Within the nucleus of every atom you will find it,

In quarks, both strange and strangely charming,

There is no part of you in which it cannot dwell.


Our love, they said, is…

Without chains

Without rules

Without conditions

And what I give to another

Does not take from you

But makes us both the greater

And though eternity may end next Tuesday or possibly never

It will outlast us all.

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