Prawn, Avocado and Watercress Salad

IMG_5046Another day, another recipe.

I have a bit of a dilemma. I tend to use cooking for others as a love/nurture thing. But, especially at this time of year, that can mean stodge, carbs and comfort food.

But that just risks ensuring that love and nurture equates with feeding someone up until they turn into Miss Piggy. This is not the way forward. Love and nurture doesn’t have to be unhealthy. And so I have resolved to explore more salads.

I think this one originally popped up in The Graun and I’ve always liked it. The interplay between the watercress, avocado and the lime juice and yoghurt dressing is great. I’ve adapted it very slightly, partly to make it a little more indulgent. But not much.

It’s this simple. Find a nice fresh bunch of watercress, pull out and woody stalks, soak in cold water to refresh and then wash and dry. Peel and slice a couple of small ripe avocados or one large one.

IMG_5042Grab a generous handful of prawns. I prefer unshelled tiger prawns. These I fry with butter and chopped garlic and then, when they’re almost ready, tossing in some brandy and flaming them.


Combine the prawns, watercress and avocado in a bowl and make a quick dressing from natural yoghurt and lime juice. A little of the zest would add more limeyness.  A splash of tabasco would also give things and additional kick if you like things a little spicy. Season to taste.


I’m hopeful that a nice salad says ‘I love you’ just as much as, for instance, a huge tiramisu…

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