The shaving horse – phase three

Right!  Having taken off the top of the legs it’s time to make the frame that sits around the bench and grasps the wood.  I used some scraps of hardwood that a friend was getting rid of – oak and an unidentified redwood.

I modified the plans slightly so that the bottom rung of the frame extends out slightly – the plans show a dowel like peg – too complicated and potentially a weak point.

Next I make a hole inset 2 inches from the end in the foreground for the shorter eyebolt and add the plank on which the pieces of wood to be worked on rest.

I drilled a hole laterally through that plank and cut a notch so the eyelet can sit in it and fed a bolt through the hole in the plant and through the eyelet.  The last thing is to drill a hole through the bench and the frame and hang it so it pivots.  Et voila as they say in furren parts.

Resplendent in the evening sun – what should be a day’s work, even for a novice armed with no more than common sense and a few tools (a good selection of drill bits seems to be a priority).  As my friend said; ‘have fun shaving your horse’.

Total cost less than five quid – for the bolts (and I may change the bolts).  Rock and roll…

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